Welcome to antique machinery scans.  This site is a showcase for some of the most detailed advertisement engravings produced.  During the later part of the 19th century most machinery and equipment makers spent large sums of money to have their tool or piece of machinery converted into an engraving for advertising. 

The scans are from my collection of old machinery magazines from the 1850's until printing from a photograph was possible, sometime in the mid to late 1890's.   I have included some of the earlier photo prints because of the subject matter, however the early photo prints are far inferior to engravings.

I have tried to scan each engraving the best I could and I have cleaned and adjusted accordingly.  However it is hard to get a clear scan from some of the dirtier prints and that can be seen on some of the scans.

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So have a look around, I'm sure you'll see something that interests you.  I will keep adding more scans as I have time.






The scans on this site are divided up by the type of equipment.  Lathes are under lathes and that logic works for most things.  However there are those pieces of equipment, which do not belong to any specific area and those will be placed in the miscellaneous scan area. 

Note, the name of the scan will include the maker's name for reference. 

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