Flea Removal – Effective Pet Flea Control Carpet Cleaning Measures

The key reason why you have problem with flea removal from your carpets and rugs is that these tiny parasites have very strong claws which grip onto their hosts and you can seldom get rid of them with a few sweeps.
We must understand that flea extermination does not work overnight, rather, it is a consistent and regular activity factored into your daily life, the result which is only seen and felt over time. This is why pet flea control is a must for your home for the general hygiene and health of not only your pet but also family members.
At the rate of laying 50 eggs daily, the parasites are capable of causing a flea infestation in less than a week. You can imagine the health hazards that they bring to everyone at home. In fact, your young children could succumb to the many related flea allergy diseases from the occasional bite.

Pet Flea Control – Vacuuming Can Only Do So Much

Vacuuming all your home couch covers, draperies, carpets and rugs is a good starting point of pet flea control. Do this on a daily basis, and use a strong vacuum bag to boot. Remember to immediately dispose of the bags. Many of you would simply throw the bag away. But before you do this, either double bag it with an air tight bag like the zip block or simply burn the bag to ensure total annihilation. You cannot be too sure until you have done your utmost due diligence. This is not the end of the story. To endure that all parasites are removed, after you vacuum, you need thoroughly wash all the covers, draperies and carpets with strong detergent and leave to hang dry under the hot summer sun.

Your Flea Extermination Arsenal Toolbox Must Haves – Diatomaceous Earth And Boric Acid

You will also need to regularly bath your pet. The most effective and primary active ingredient in most pet flea and tick medicine is Diatomaceous Earth. The physico-sorptive properties absorbs lipids from the waxy outer layer of the fleas and ticks thereby causing them to dehydrate and die within 48 hours. You can use it in its raw form, rub it into your dog or cat fur as it is safe. In fact, in Asia, Diatomaceous Earth has been used to control insects for more than 400 years. You could sprinkle it onto carpets and rugs as an added flea removal measure.
Alternatively you could use boric acid, which is not toxic to humans, only to fleas and ticks. The commercial name for boric acid is borax and is often in soap form. However, it is used more for spot treatment and you should be very thorough when using to ensure that there is no area left unturned. Shampoo your carpets with a borax mixture with your usual detergents or simply sprinkle the power onto the carpets. You will be able to remove fleas, larvae, eggs as well as kill any new eggs laid over the year. To let the borax take effect, wait one week before it takes effect.
Always remember that insecticides can cause grave danger to general health, especially when overused or wrongly used. So always follow strictly to instructions. Persistence and tenacity are critical factors to pet flea control. And you need to look long term for the full flea extermination effects to kick in.