Flea Removal – How to Use Frontline Flea Treatment Effectively

Frontline flea medicine contains the component Fipronil which is an insecticide that overtly stimulates the contaminated insects nerves and muscles. As it is infused into the bloodstreams, its potency remains even after your pet has bathed. Frontline flea treatment usually kills most fleas before they bite.
Almost all Frontline flea medicine are effective for 30 days. They are safe for use even for puppies and kitten but you need to execute caution and follow instructions as directed. Fipronil, the active component in most frontline flea treatment works in a very unique way. It latches onto the hair follicles and skin, and is hence protected from being removed when bathing or shampooing.
The portions you get at the pet store well equip you for a three month supply, three applications with each application lasting about a month at a time for one pet. It can be used on all ages of dogs and cats starting from the age of 12 months onwards and are effective on all fleas and most breed of ticks namely the brown dog tick, the lone star tick, deer ticks and American dog ticks.
The side effects of Frontline Flea Medicine are mostly temporary with pets experiencing temporary irritation on the spot where the medication was applied. Should the irritation aggravate or rashes develop after a day or two from application, consult a vet specialist without delay. Remember too, that the treatment is for external use and not for to be taken orally. Whenever in doubt, always check with your vet specialist. In fact, before you administer any medication, it is good to consult the vet specialist for more advice.
This is especially critical when you have aged, pregnant or ailing pets. You need to thoroughly understand your pet’s health conditions and this could turn fatal with a simple health illness leading to complications and even death of out aged or sick pets if not careful. You can prevent the disease to worsening if you simply pay more attention to pick up the signs and symptoms or simply by visiting the vet specialist for advice.
You need to keep this medication away from children as it can be harmful to humans if swallowed accidentally. Drink 2 glasses of water, induce vomiting and immediately seek the help of a physician. The potency of this product is greatly harmful to the eyes, so use lots of water to flush it out.
After medicating your pets, you must take precautions to safeguard yourself from being contaminated by washing your hands thoroughly. This will ensure that we are free from the infestation as well as being free from the pesticides when we come into contact with family members.
It is not difficult to maintain healthy pets if you simply know the most effective medication and process. Frontline Flea Medicine is proven and tested to be one of the most advanced and effective pet flea treatment so far. So if you are fighting a flea infestation get Frontline flea treatment as part of your flea extermination arsenal for total and fast pet flea control.