Flea Removal – Tested And Proven Home Remedies Pet Flea Control Tips

Some flowers and herbs which smell great and invigorating to us humans might be a great put off to fleas. Try using plant treatment, a home remedy for driving away the parasites by simply planting and spreading herbs around the house, near the door entrances, under the window sills.
Herbs and plants like lavender, pennyroyal, marigolds are all natural repellants to parasites. Organic Essential oils, can be used to treat not only your pet by application, but also drive away pets by dimply sprinkling them onto carpets, beddings, couch covers.
Another very common natural home air freshener, cedar chips, also serve as natural repellent to fleas which literally detest the smell of it. Using this as your pet flea control weapon is a total bliss. Spread cedar chips around the house, common areas your pets love, And if the cedar chips wear off, you can use cedar essential oils on the chips. There are dog beds made from cedar chips in the market too.
Bathing your dogs twice daily is essential, and in case you are not aware, salt water serves to keep the dreaded parasites at bay. And to double up the power yet not causing harm to your dog, use Dawn dish washing liquid as bathing soap.
Your usual home essentials like Borax tend to dehydrate the fleas when they swallow the suds, eventually killing them in the process. Hence, sprinkle the power sparingly on carpets and surroundings for best results.
That said, you should always keep vigilant with house cleaning, washing beddings and couch covers regularly, as well as clear your family laundry on a daily basis. Flea removal requires persistence and you should understand that your ultimate aim is to ensure that your flea extermination measures have as little long term side effects as possible to your family and pets.