Flea Removal – The Chemical vs Natural Way to Flea Extermination

You have noticed that your pet has been scratching itself a lot more lately, rashes and hair loss are developing too. Let me share with you that this is the very obvious signs of flea infestation, a sure sign that your pets and entire family is being invaded by those dreaded parasites. So it is action time for Flea Removal, for the sake of everyone at home, pets and humans.
There are two main approaches you could take to ensure total flea removal, the chemical based and natural approach. Your Flea Extermination arsenal toolbox should include both in order to achive best results, contrary to most who feel that they must adopt one or the other approach. Any vet specialist would prescribe Pet Flea medication which forms an essential part to your flea extermination plan, yet, also advise natural remedies help to prevent re infestation.

Chemical-Based Treatments – Pet Flea Medication That Works

Pet Flea Medication like Frontline flea medicine, Advantage flea treatment and many of the top brands are proven effective. Flea Foggers, Flea Killers, sprays and other topical treatments have also been great help in cleaning up the infected homes. The proof of the pudding is in the pie, as droves of dead flea carcasses could lay claim to their effectiveness.
Using some of these extreme methods, however, require some extreme precautions as well. Some of these chemical treatments can prove to be rather messy. Flea Foggers often leave a residue in your home which you need to thoroughly clean up in the aftermath of fogging, as the fumes left behind a film of toxic chemicals intended to kill fleas could well be detrimental to your family’s health.
Your key concern about using chemical treatments should be the residual side effects they have on every member of your family as well as your pet. This could escalate out of hand if either your pet or any family member has history of allergy. Both could develop serious allergies from reactions to the chemicals, with some requiring expensive, multiple and repeated treatment to correct the problems. Certain dog flea medication are highly unsuitable for cats and there have been cases when dog flea medication are applied to cats, causing serious health issues to them and eventually spending much more money to save the cats’ life.

Natural Home Flea Remedies Proven to Work

Many natural flea remedies are as effective and most are ingredients that can be found at your home. This not only cuts down the cost, it also helps with safety. Herbal Home Flea Remedies are much less toxic and hence do not pose as health hazards to both your family and your pets.
Did you know that fleas tend to shun away from selected herbs and flowers like magnolia, lavender, pennyroyal and citronella which emit a natural repellents and scents very annoying to them? And not to forget the always handy essential oils scents like lavender, basil and fennel, which are proven and popular herbal essential oils remedies which drives the parasites away almost immediately. And not to forget sprinkling you all time favorite cedar chips around the home, on couch, carpet and beddings, as they too are the top enemy of fleas.
And how do you bath your flea infected pets? Mix the bath water with salt water and Dawn orginal formula dishwashing liquid of course. And sprinkle boric acid or commercially known as borax on carpets, and around the house. When swallowed by the parasites, the parasites will dehydrate and eventually die.
Of course, natural flea remedies always include the simple act of regularly vacuuming your home, and getting rid of the vacuum bags immediately after use.
The main drawback of using natural home flea remedies as your flea removal plan is that they take longer time to see results and you need to repeat them multiple times. Hence, combining the chemical based pet flea medication with natural home flea remedies as a complementary treatment will eventually help you achieve your flea extermination objectives effectively and within the soonest of time.