Learning to Deal With and Dispose of a Flea Infestation

Anyone who has ever had to deal with a flea infestation will tell you that there are few things in life that are quite as annoying. The little insects are so small and so quick it is hard to realize that is exactly what you are dealing with until it is far too late. This sort of situation also seems to be something that people wouldn’t have to deal with in this day and age because there are so many different precautions that one can take to avoid them. Whether it is because a family pet has brought them in or because you had an unclean piece of clothing or furniture once, the fleas are in your house they are extremely hard to get out.
Removal of the pesky critters is not the easiest job in the world and will require follow through but it can be accomplished and if done right can be a permanent solution. If you suddenly decide mid way through that you don’t want to finish the job, you can expect the bugs to come back and eventually the problem will be as it was before. The first step of any sort of removal process is to get the adult fleas out of your house. When dealing with you and your pets this is done by using flea dips or baths. In order to be completely sure that you’ve removed the adults you might need to take many baths. When dealing with your pets make sure you are using the right chemicals as some products that are made for dogs will actually harm or kill cats. Removing the larval fleas or eggs needs to be done by gathering up any materials that you or your pet may sleep on as and thoroughly washing them with soap and hot water. Repeated washing is never a bad thing. You must then vacuum any furniture that may have been exposed to the fleas and make you sure you vacuum under crevices and cracks in the fabric. Once you have vacuumed make sure you take the vacuum bags outside as soon as possible.
The last sure fire way to get rid of fleas is to hire special companies who deal with pest removal. They will have many tools and chemicals at their disposal that are specially equipped to deal with doing away with whatever problems you are facing.