Pizza Garden – Wonderful Tips

This garden need full sunshine and it is raised in 6-X-4-foot area, this is because there are enormous clay from a reputed concern. Usually, in this garden plants are grown in the raised beds packed with high-quality topsoil modified with droppings.

Garden At Glance

Rasping Cherry Red Colored Tomato

It will be fine to have a mixing of array of tomato in order to create wealthy and complex zest in the tomato sauces. Do not forget to keep few slices right on the crest of the pizza. ‘Husky Cherry Red’ forms to be a good variety and as it is compact, you could just tuck 1 or2 in the garden.

Golden Jubilee Tomatoes

‘Golden Jubilee’ has mild taste and this variety best suits the tomato sauce. Its fruits are golden-yellow in color and get mature approximately in eighty days from the date of planting. As this kind extends to height, colorful tomato ventures are kept to keep them straight.


The mixture of Basil and tomatoes forms to be the traditional essence combinations, so don’t forget to add a few numbers of this variety in your garden. Basil leaves could be chopped and added to the tomato sauce; otherwise it could be just sprinkled on the surface of the pizza. Furthermore, don’t neglect to make pesto using basil.
Chop a few of bell pepper for preparing your pizza. Include this vegetable, which possess good taste and very good nutritional value, in you meals. You could form a multi-colored pizza by adding orange, yellow, brown, red or green colored bells.

Jalapeno Pepper

Hot jalapenos could spice your pizza, they give you unique zest and it will be mild when combined with hot flavor. You could use them when they are green or could wait till they turn red, both are very good choices.


Establish a wealthy Italian savor to the garden by making use of oregano. This plant could be grown easily; they spread quickly and give you the appearance of color carpets in your beautiful garden. Your special tomato sauce could get zest with this oregano; moreover, it could be sprinkled on the top surface of the pizza.


Onion is the important ingredient that could not be excluded in your pizzas; it also adds beautiful texture for your gardens. Make a selection of your plant that best suits your climate, in the southern areas short-day onions flourish, whereas northern region outstands in long-day onions.


Rosemary affixes obvious and wonderful flavor and smell. Mix it along with the tomato sauce and chop up few rosemary leaves to sprinkle all over the pizza.


No doubt, thyme could bring rich flavor to any kind of tomato sauce. This grows easily and covers the entire area.