Spinosad Flea Control for Dogs

There have been many developments in the area of flea control for dogs. One of those treatment methods is called Spinosad, an ingredient in flea tablets which provides your dog with on-going, 30-day flea control.
Spinosad is the active ingredient in the tablet by the name of Comfortis, which is produced by Eli Lilly and Company and was introduced to answer the call for a tablet that offers longer-term protection from fleas.
The Comfortis brand of flea tablet allows a dog owner to spend less time and money on tablets. Traditional flea tablets on the market, like those by the company Capstar are becoming less popular after pet owners realized that while the tablet killed fleas, their pets also had to be given weekly and even daily doses of insecticides in order to be effective in the long term. This posed a problem to not only their pet’s health but the pet owner’s wallet over the long term.
In contrast, Comfortis with Spinosad, allows a pet owner to give the pill to their dog just once a month in order to be protected. The tablet will also kill almost instantly any fleas that are currently living on the animal.

Spinosad Health & Safety Concerns

While much safer than some of its predecessors, Spinosad is still a controlled substance and can only be obtained by a vet’s prescription. Furthermore, while it is definitely a better option than Capstar, it too is a chemical based insecticide and may cause side effects. Some pet owners have stated that their dogs experience vomiting, reduced appetite and diarrhea after first exposure to the tablet.
Also, Spinosad products do contain ivermectin, which FDA studies show that there is some level of toxicity in products made with this ingredient. Additionally, these product should only be used in dogs older than 14 weeks and should not be used on pregnant or nursing dogs. Finally, it is important that this tablet not be given to cats as studies have shown that Spinosad can lead to death in felines.
While the majority of pet owners have been pleased with the results offered by Spinosad based flea control products, it is important to note that there are natural flea control products available that provide a great alternative to a chemical based products like these.