Vegetables Of The Year

Sweet seedless tomato grows in moist, complete sun and finely drained soil and bears big twelve-ounce fruit which matures in 68 days and red in shade. Camelita tomato grows in full sun; well drained and moist soil bears eight ounce fruit in raspberry red color in 75 days with great texture and complex flavor.
Vilma tomato which is only two feet tall grows in well-drained and moist soil and complete sun and can be grown within containers or any angle of a vegetable garden. It takes 95days to mature and the cherry-sized delicious fruit has very good flavor.
Orlando eggplant grows in full sun; well drained and moist soil bears delicious fruits without any bitterness. The plant can be grown for its dwarf size in containers with flower because of its two-inch lengthy fruits and purple flowers.
The garden can be filled with Neon Glow which acts as both consumable and ornamental with gold and magenta stems with leaves of deep green color and offers mild and sweet flavor.
Mirai white is the sweetest type of corn bearing eight-inch cobs along with sixteen to eighteen rows of white kernels which have a good texture. Lettuce with Braveheart can be grown at home. It needs full sun, well drained and moist soil and has additional large heads which stay green down to the middle and is a good disease resistant.
Ashley can be grown in borders, containers and beds since it has red beautiful leaves and since it is heat tolerant it can be harvested in late summer.
Honey bear can be grown for its one-pound miniature fruits with compact plants growing to a height of five feet and used as disease resistant. Zucchini can be grown even in a little garden due to its compact growth and being a hardy variety can be grown in containers.
Harvesting double as nice melon is nice since when ripe it gives a crisp sweet flesh which is yellow in color and if left in the vine for two more weeks it becomes extra juicy and soft like chanterais kind melon. Prairie blush potato is a good variety which offers old fashioned flavored golden fleshed tubers and the tubers can be stored to boot.
White ice lavender is grown from seeds and blooms during first year itself if kept inside the house. The flowers which are perennial in certain zones like 5 to 9 have sweet scent.
Park’s Bush whopper cucumber is disease resistant and can be grown in small pots, containers and its nine-inch long fruit can be enjoyed throughout the season. The sliced cucumber is good to use in salads and matures in 61 days.